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Paint like Pollock Art Event

at the Vassiliadis Elementary School Spring Fling Movie Night!

Great news! Students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and channel their inner Jackson Pollock during an upcoming art event. After learning about Pollock's abstract expressionist style during art class, students will be well-prepared to create their own masterpieces using an assortment of objects and techniques. Get ready for a colorful and exciting event! This event does not happen every year so do not miss out!

When: Thursday, April 25th       Time: 5 - 8 p.m

IMG_1869 2.JPG
   How it works:
  • You purchase a canvas at the event. (Canvas sizes and prices vary.)
  • You write the name of the student, teacher's name, parent name and cell phone number on the back of the canvas.
  • When your time to paint approaches, we will send you a text. This cuts down on waiting in line so you can enjoy the evening.
  • Your child will put on a paint shirt and show covers to protect their clothing.
  • Then they will place their canvas in the designated paint zone, pick their colors, and drip, drizzle and splatter paint to create their masterpiece in the style of Jackson Pollock.

  • The canvas will dry over the weekend. 
  • Mrs. Davis will deliver your child's canvas to their classroom on Monday so they can carry home.
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