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Art Kids with Mrs. Davis

Updated: Mar 12

Jennifer Davis in her art room
Art Kids with Mrs. Davis at & Elementary Art Teacher

Hello and welcome to Art Kids with Mrs. Davis. I'm Jennifer Davis, and I'm thrilled to embark on this artistic journey with you. Whether you're a seasoned art educator or just starting out, this blog is dedicated to providing you with valuable resources, lesson ideas, and tips to enhance your teaching experience and inspire your students.

As an art teacher myself, I understand the challenges and rewards that come with nurturing young artists' creativity. Through this blog, I aim to share my passion for art education and provide a supportive community for fellow art teachers.

Here's what you can expect from Art Kids with Mrs. Davis:

  1. Art Lesson Ideas: Discover engaging and age-appropriate art projects for elementary school-aged students. From basic techniques to more advanced concepts, these lessons are designed to spark creativity and foster a love for art.

  2. Teaching Tips: Whether you're looking for classroom management strategies, assessment ideas, or ways to incorporate art history into your curriculum, I'll be sharing practical tips to help you become a more effective art teacher.

  3. Product Recommendations: As an art teacher, having the right tools and materials can make all the difference. I'll be sharing my favorite art supplies, books, and resources that I believe can enhance your teaching practice.

  4. Community Engagement: I believe that learning is a collaborative process, so I encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas in the comments section. Let's build a supportive community where we can learn from each other.

I'm excited to embark on this creative journey with you. Together, let's inspire the next generation of artists!

Follow my art adventures at . Check back each month for a new post featuring a lesson or classroom management tip. I want to know in what state or country you are teaching art. Leave a comment.

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