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After school art classes will be offered at 

Vassiliadis Elementary School in 2024-2025!

Art classes not only teach art techniques and processes but will also teach students about famous artists, artworks, integrate natural sciences, math, geography, culture, music and children's literacy.  Projects may include drawing, painting, mask making, printmaking, weaving, ceramics, collage, sculpture and mixed media art projects. To find out more about the classes, dates, times and fees please click on the After School Classes tab for Las Vegas.

Students taking the after school art classes will line up outside the art room door that is located in the 1st grade hallway. Mrs. Davis will allow students to enter at 3:20 p.m. Art classes begin at 3:21.  Students will be walked to the Vassiliadis flagpole located in the front parking lot at the end of class. Please plan to pick your child up at 4:30 p.m. All students who attend Safe Key must make sure to notify the Safe Key staff that their child will be attending the after school program. Students that have not been picked up by 4:40 p.m. will be checked into Safe Key at the parents' expense. If you plan to have your child walk or bike home please make sure you send a note to Mrs. Davis letting her know you have given the child permission.

Please note that when registering your child for the Art Kids after school art classes you are giving permission for your child's artwork and possibly your child to be photographed and used in promotional campaigns. If you strongly disagree with this policy please let Mrs. Davis know by sending her an email. 

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